Policies for RSA Fob Registration

As a Nightingale Informatix Corporation Fob User, I will not:

1. Share the RSA Fob and/or Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned by Nightingale with anyone at any time.
2. Divulge, share or compromise the User ID and/or PIN assigned to me by Nightingale.
3. Keep the Fob in an unsecured location at any time (i.e. in open view at an unattended workspace).
4. Use Nightingale User ID and PIN for any other purpose other than those permitted specifically for my role.
5. Violate the confidentiality and security of any data accessed from the Nightingale Informatix Corporation or any data handled on behalf of Nightingale.
6. Release any information to any unauthorized people.
7. Fail to report a lost Fob. I will immediately report a lost or stolen Fob to the RSA Security Administrator for my office, or to the Nightingale Help Desk at 1-888-207-4422.
8. Use the Fob if it is no longer required. It will immediately be returned to the RSA Security Administrator of the organization.

Inappropriate collection, use or disclosure of personal data may result in disciplinary action and termination of your Nightingale Informatix Corporation access User ID. Nightingale Informatix Corporation may notify the relevant regulatory authorities of any misuse.

User Acknowledgement

By clicking the "I AGREE" button below, you agree to abide by the terms, conditions and policies as stated above.